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Smoking Hot Summer Flash Deals – The Best FREE SEED offers just got better!

All customers here at the World Famous Cannabis Seedbank Original Sensible Seeds every customer gets rewarded with FREE FEMINIZED OR AUTOFEM SEEDS with every order. This Smokin´Hot Summer things just get better and better, in addition to our standard FREE SEEDS Original Sensible are giving away bonus seeds when you spend €50 or more on seeds :
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Original Sensible Cannabis Seeds


It´s another Smokin´ Hot Summer at Original Sensible

Original Sensible Seeds are having another Smokin´ Hot Summer and sharing the summer sunshine with all our customers! Not only will you find the best FREE CANNABIS SEED offers here at Original Sensible all this summer we´re giving you even  more!

Choose up to 25 free feminized or free autoflowering seeds and ……..
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Original Sensible Cannabis Seeds

Spliff Seeds Logo

Cheapest Cannabis Seeds

Looking to buy the cheapest cannabis seeds? You´ve found them here at Original Sensible Seeds!

Stocking seeds from 200 seedbanks around the world, one of our latest additions are Spliff Seeds. A range of classic genetics in regular, feminized and  autoflowering seed varieties. This new range covers all your old favorites including White Widow, Thai, Afghan, Skunk # 1, Super Skunk and many more and further more with prices starting at an affordable price of only €7.99 per pack of 5 regular seeds you won´t go wrong adding  these prime genetics to your seed collection.
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Original Sensible Cannabis Seeds

Chocolate Mint OG

New strains | Humboldt Seed Organization

New seeds from Humboldt Seed Organization

New in stock this week 5 new strains from Humboldt Seeds




Chocolate Mint OG – Emerald OG meets Grand Daddy Purple – Copious resin with THC content soaring to 26%














Lemon Garlic OG – For a sensational couch locking stone try these 7th generation OG Kush seeds – Takes OG weed to a whole level for the breeders at HSO
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Original Sensible Cannabis Seeds

CBD Lemon Aid

New Strains | Original Sensible Seeds











2 brand new autos plus medicinal strain CBD Lemon Aid

Breaking news at Original Sensible Seeds – We´ve added 2 new autoflowering seeds plus a high CBD medical strain to our seed collection.

Auto OG Kush- If you fancy the physical and mental effects of OG Kush but want something that´s easy to grow then this new automatic variety is for you! Great yields, fantastic flavor and a strong powerful effect can all be achieved from seed to weed in less than 75 days. Suits any set up indoor / outdoor…………growing quality weed has never been easier!
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Original Sensible Cannabis Seeds

Golden Gage

New at Original Sensible Seeds

Original Sensible Seeds have widened their selection of seedbanks and now offering marijuana strains from over 200 seedbanks.

Here is just a  small collection of new cannabis seeds recently added:

Golden Gage from Gage Green Group
Golden Gage is a sativa-dominant cross between Gage Green Group’s flagship Joseph OG male and the famed Golden Goat cut from Colorado as the mother. Original Sensible Seeds has found that the Golden Gage marijuana seeds is a lot like an old school golden strain (i.e. – Acapulco Gold or Pot of Gold) with some characteristics of the new school sour OG lemon strains as well.  Golden Gage is a real day brightener that tastes of sour OG lemon with a twist of spicy haze in the background. The high from this outstanding sativa specimen will have you feeling uplifted, creative, energetic and alert, while the Kush traits from the Joseph OG prevent the strain from inducing paranoia like many stronger sativas.  Golden Gage weed seeds from Gage Green Group also flower quite fast for a sativa-dominant strain, finishing the budding phase in just 8-9 weeks. However, reports from growers who buy cannabis seeds indicate that a nice long jar cure really brings out the strain’s true flavour potential.
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Original Sensible Cannabis Seeds

710 genetics

New 710 Genetics at Original Sensible Seeds

Introducing 4 new strains from 710 Genetics at Original Sensible Seeds

Coastal OG Seeds

An elite clone of Coastal OG has been backcrossed into itself to create these limited edition Coastal OG weed seeds from 710 Genetics. And the results are superb. The flavour is lemonier that you would normally expect from high quality OG. The yields are bigger and, at 8 weeks, finishing times can be a lot quicker. What’s more, these feminised seeds are also really easy to grow, ensuring even novices can enjoy all that OG goodness, in a wonderfully uplifting indica plant.  Typically indica in growing style, Coastal OG cannabis seeds are pretty straight forward, with short stocky plants that are perfect for growing weed indoors. Yet at the same time, her results are powerful and productive, making them just as suitable for the self-medicator or commercial grower as they are for any recreational purpose.  In her smoke, she is a really happy little weed, with a feeling of relaxation and elation paving the way for a wonderful sleepy undertone. She’s great for relieving pain and stress, but also works wonders for depression, insomnia or headaches. Coastal OG marijuana seeds make it easy to laugh, and easy to relax. And at Original Sensible Seeds, that’s what a good weed is all about.
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Original Sensible Cannabis Seeds

Spears galore!

Original Sensible’s Sweet Kush and Pure Kush

Since Original Sensible Seeds released their first strains I have grown many of their creations.
Each strain has been what it has been promised to be. Breeding with strains that are proven powerhouses to begin with, Original Sensible Seed Company hit the mark time after time.

From the strains that I have grown I thought that I should list the ailments that the strains are good for, along with some smoke reports.
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Original Sensible Cannabis Seeds

AZoom In Of Black Destroyer - Copy (2) (531x800)

Black Destroyer is an awesome strain.

Black Destroyer is a strong cannabis strain, with good reason. A hybrid blend of the AK47 and Black Domina strains, this is a deadly strain which is on my list of heavy hitters. This is not the smoke that most people reach for in the morning! Bringing the Sativa dominant AK47 together with the four way cross called Black Domina has increased the wonderful qualities of both ‘flagship’ strains, creating something truly amazing.
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black destroyer

Original Sensible Cannabis Seeds

Wonderful lady!

Original Sensible – Cannabis Seeds for Christmas!

Growing Original Sensible strains is always both a pleasure and an honour.
When I signed up to test one of their strains a few years ago I will admit that I knew nothing about buying seeds and the politicking that occurs in the industry.
Me, being me, I thought that the majority of seedbanks would be trustworthy, and that there would not be much difference from one bank to the next.
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Original Sensible Cannabis Seeds

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