Fast autoflowering cannabis seeds from Sweet Seeds – Top 5 best sellers

Sweet Seeds offer some of the worlds fastest autoflowering cannabis seeds. They have become Original Sensible Seeds best selling auto-flowers in our cannabis/marijuana seedbank. Sweet Seeds No.1 best seller is Cream Caramel Auto – these fast autoflowering cannabis seeds flower in only 35 days!! In addition Cream Caramel Auto is also a high yield auto strain producing between 35-100 gr/per plant outdoor and between 350-500 gr/m2 indoor with dense buds and copious resin production. With this fast flowering strain you don´t lose out on flavour or strength, Cream Caramel Auto is intense and has a thc level of 18%.

To help you choose your fast autoflowering cannabis seeds, Original Sensible Seeds have put together Sweet Seeds top 5 best sellers:

  1. Cream Caramel Auto – Fast flowering 35 days a new version of her sister plant Original Cream Caramel
  2. Speed Devil 2 – Super-fast auto flower – produces plants that are ready for harvest with aromatic resinous buds, just 60 days after seed germination with no loss on production or strength – Up to 500 gr/m2 indoor and 18% thc
  3. Big Devil 2 – a little longer 42 days autoflowering! developed by Sweet Seeds in response to customer who wanted high yields from their auto-flowers, Interior production 400 – 600 gr m/2 and outdoor 50 – 300 gr p/p
  4. SAD 2 – Aka Sweet Afghani Delicious – a result of crossing Sweet Seeds best autoflowering with the Original SAD 1 – high thc, high yield autoflowering marijuana strain
  5. Black Jack Auto – 42 days – SAD x Jack Herer – Yields up tot 550 m/2 indoor and 40 – 250 gr p/p outdoor – no compromise on strength or flavour – THC: 19%

Buy fast autoflowering cannabis seeds now from the Original Sensible Seeds cannabis/marijuana seed store before mid-day Monday the 27th of June and save 10%.





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