Highest THC marijuana strains 2011 – The Original Sensible Seeds Cannabis Seedbank

Available to buy now at The Original Sensible Seeds on line cannabis seed bank are 2 of the highest thc marijuana strains of 2011

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Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon – THC 33%

Tutankhamon is an AK-47 strain, feminized seed with an intense Skunk flavour.

Tutankhamon has one of the highest percentages of THC -22% however when analysed at Spannabis Barcelona 2011 measured a staggering 33%!

Tutankhamon is a perfect variety to be used as a high thc weed mother plant because of it’s small and compact size. You can also get lots of clones from the quantity of branches. Tutankhamon cannabis seeds are easy to cultivate indoor. Outdoor you should try to avoid areas with high humidity to prevent fungus problems that may arise due to its compact buds. Flowering for these cannabis seeds take 60-65 days and harvest outdoor is the middle October you can expect yields of up to 500gr.

Tutankhamon seeds are also available in an autoflowering version with a flowering period of only 45-50 days however the thc content is said to be much lower at around 7.8%

y Griega

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Medical Seeds Y Griega are new cannabis seeds for 2011 – THC 27.12%

This plant is 80% sativa and 20% indica and its growth begins with a dramatic force. It is highly advisable to grow it in SCROG, because it becomes more manageable. Unlike other sativa, this plant surprises us with a robust production of buds, large and extremely resinous, covering all stems. In a gas chromatographic analysis by Canna Resort has achieved an incredible 27.12% of THC. A figure that speaks for itself.

Y Griega is Amnesia crossed with Kali Haze and not only has one of the highest thc contents, Y Griega produces excellent yields – 500 gr m/2 indoor and 550 gr outdoor, Y Griega maintains a classic scent haze, with a slight sweet touch that makes it stand out. Its effect begins with an energy jolt slowly fired in a state of alertness and relaxation.


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    forgot 28% mandala satori! It beats y griega

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