Creating a Monster, TLO Style Part 1…

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Hello everyone and welcome. First let me introduce you to TLO if you’ve never heard of it. It is True Living Organics, coined and taught by The Rev from Skunk. TLO is Organics on another level. Using only the soil food web to feed the plants allowing them to intake nutrients as they need them. You must ALWAYS USE R/O WATER or Filtered water, chlorine will kill your microlife in any amounts. Creating this environment for your plants is difficult to maintain with many sneaky synthetic nutrients found in “Organic Based” products which are not okay in TLO. They must be 100% Organic, an OMRI listed product is great for this. How do you create this soil food web you ask? Well in my years of experience with it I have learned it’s not so much how you create it, as much as how much you just set the soil mix up correctly, maybe adding layers if needed as well. As long as you start with a good brand 100% Organic Soil Mix like Fox Farm Ocean Forest, FF Potting Soil, Roots Organics, any potting soil that meets the organic standards and doesn’t have any chemicals added in for enhanced feeding or anything unless its just describing the ingredients that are 100% Organic like Worm Castings, Chicken Manure, Steer Manure, Peat Moss, Perlite, kelp, oyster shells, guanos, all common things in an organic potting mix. So lets get your clones or seeds going  TLO style today so you can have some of the best medacine you have ever had…soon!


How To Get Started…

  1. Get a bag of a 100% Organic Potting Soil
  2. Get a bag of Organic Perlite, Organic you say? I just mean make sure no chemical fertalizers where added or anything which would kill your micro-life in your soil food web.
  3. Get some Mycorrhiza (I like a water soluble type like Roots OregonismXL)
  4. Nutrients to make a Veg Tea you will need: BlackStrap Molasses or just Organic Molasses if you can source out the Blackstrap (unsulfured), Some sort of Fishy Ferts like General Organics BioMarine or Neptunes Harvest Organic Fish Fertilizer, and a bag of Pure Worm Castings. (Optional: Azos from Xtreme Gardening)


Getting a large tote, kids swimming pool, something like this helps for mixing in if doing a larger amount. First thing you need to do is get your potting soil, perlite, and Mycorrhiza. Once you have those you want to cut the perlite into the whole soil mix adding about 30-40% to the mixture is what I like. You may feel you need more or less depending on your starting potting soil. But you want your soil to drain well and not get clogged so Oxygen can continue to flow so your mix doesn’t go bad.

Your next step depends on whether or not your starting with seeds or clones.

Seeds, plant them adding enough r/o water to dampin the soil with water dripping out your pots or cups, but not flooding your saucers on the first waterings. Once they have popped the soil surface and are putting on its first set of real leaves you can add Mycorrhiza into it’s next watering.

Clones, pull out your Mycorrhiza product and you can pour some in a cup or on a plate and just dip the roots into the powered Mycorrhiza then plant your clones like you normally would using R/O water.

Always using the Mycorrhiza at whatever ratio the manufacturer recommends. If you also purchased the Azos, I use it just like the Mycorrhiza.

Your plants with be fine to get started with just this, especially with the Azos.

Next time I will teach a Veg Tea for your monster TLO Garden


Stay Medicated,


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