Holland V Spain


We are not talking football here, but cannabis seeds, who has the best? We all know that Holland has been at the forefront of the cannabis seed history but who would win the contest now?

In the Dutch line up we have Dutch Passion in goal, TH seeds and Sensi seeds in defence, and in the attacking passions you have Greenhouse seeds (Arjan the self proclaimed king of cannabis) and Barneys Farm – Derry the old head who is still at the top of his game. This team has been there from the mid eighty’s with some world class plants coming from them. For most of the time the team had the market to themselves with a lot more Dutch players coming in with the likes of Paradise seeds and, more with the technology and knowledge.


The Dutch have scored some classic goals with northern lights, skunk #1, and the goal of the season with tangerine dream. Dutch Passion hasn’t let many goals in and has always been a reliable seed and have produced some great marijuana plants. Sensi Seeds have been around a long time they are always reliable and trust worthy seed bank, TH seeds is another great player in the game, then Greenhouse Seeds with his great marketing
has turned into a world class player, along with another class player Barney’s Farm, the last two have won 60 plus cannabis cup’s between them, which makes them very serious players in the game. Like all Dutch teams have been pioneers, like the the football team they have dominated Europe but not the world.

Then in the late 90s come another great team Spain, a young team in this industry but with some great players, in goal we have Eva seeds a great young player who have produced some marvellous cannabis plants with there feminized seeds. In defence we have Sweets seeds who have taken the automatic flowering cannabis seed scene by storm with some real fast autoflowering seeds. Then we have positronic who does very good seeds
that produce some wonderful plants, then we have Dinafem technically the best Spanish player who has scored with some wonderful plant like moby dick and blue hash just to mention a few. Then in comes kannabia
the striker who has scored with some great cannabis pants, and a lot of new ones coming through to join this great emerging team.

Some Spanish outdoor plants have been the best I have ever seen, having played with both teams products, it would be very difficult to pick an out right winner, but in all departments the Spanish are catching Holland in all growing aspects. The only thing the Spanish fall behind in is promotions and marketing, where the Dutch are not just the best in Europe but in the world at this.

So I will leave this argument to the readers of the blog, please let me know your thoughts on this.


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  1. madmanc says:

    how do you start a new thread postman and clearly spain kicks the dutch arses.

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