ORANGE GORILLA (a plant in the making). BY JUAN SHEET

Spare a thought for the guy who makes your favorite seeds – he put a lot of work into it – at least, he should have.
It’s not as simple as “all you do is put a male with a female”. How often have I heard that? Last time was yesterday and many times before.

To work something up to a stable product which is consistent time after time is not so easy.
“Orange Gorilla” – which later will become, hopefully, “Desert Gorilla” is the first step on a long journey. I’m not going technical here because it’s not necessary and also because it makes my brain hurt. We recognized the qualities of 2 strains and decided to see what a combination would be like.
“Orange” comes from Dutchbreed’s “Orange Candy Floss” and “Gorilla” from a well known “Guerilla” favorite from far away. Both parents have good genetics (know your Breeder).
When these first cross seeds are germinated, there will be many variations in the offspring. Various combinations of the traits of both parents and also, as both parents have brought something new in Genetics to the party, they will grow like crazy.
And they did grow like crazy and they are good. Good enough to take them on to the next stage. We got the strong Orange taste from OCF (Mum) combined with early finishing, resistance and size from Guerilla Gold (Dad).
Next stage?
As yet undecided. But move on She will. Probably with back-crossing to one of her original parents. Not sure – need to consult the Oracle.
Attached a bud picture of Orangey niceness.


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