veneno strain

Veneno (Spanish for Poison) is a cross between Eva’s Champion and their Papa’s
Candy Monster that has inherited the best of both varieties. It is a hardy plant
that produces long  cannabis buds covered in thick compact trichomes.

The aroma and flavor should remind you of sweet strawberries and forest fruits! In
addition, Veneno’s very powerful effect makes it unsuitable for beginning

smokers. On the other hand, it is an easily cultivated plant no matter what
medium it is grown which makes it ideal for beginning growers. Another plus
about Veneno is that it is very resistant to pests, especially to powdery
mildew. If grown indoors, you will see spectacular growth with minimal
consumption and, if space allows it, pruning will multiply its performance. If
grown outdoors, definitely prune and top the plant to increase productivity. The
flowering time is not painstakingly long (55-65 days) and will result in you
acquiring some beautiful cannabis buds that is high in THC and covered with

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