Autoflowering – Harvest Time

Cream Caramel week 8

Autoflowering – Harvest Time

Every growers favourite time – Harvest time.

The time has come to take down the Cream Caramel.

One plant starts to change colour and is ready to flush week 7 and ready to take down week 8, the other finishes slightly later, week 8 and ready to harvest week 9.

Why is this? One plant has shown mainly indica genetics, very dark green leaves with a purple colouring. Thick stem with primarily one main cola with little branching. The other looks more sativa dominant very banchey, taller and a brighter green in colour, thick, dense main cola – lots of buds and micro buds on the lower branches.

As a guess, it would seem that these auto seeds, each have taken on different genetics of father/mother plants but any other thoughts on this are welcome.







This is the first time we´ve dabbled with autoflowering or feminized to be truthful, we´re normally old school fans of Sensi SeedsShiva Shanti is our favourite outdoor plant but space and time was an issue and as it was late in the season we decided to experiment and try the autoflowering out.

The ´sativa´ version came in the tallest at 30 cm and gave the biggest yield 40 grams

Autoflowering – For and Against

Against – Unstable and non- uniform – Each plant varied to either sativa or indica and low yield is not something we´re accustomed too – Yield is a bit disappointing for a heavy smoker! Although on both counts it´s fair to say we only experimented with two plants and they we´re planted late in the season.

For – Easy to grow, without a doubt autoflowering are the easiest plants to grow and highly recommendable for any first time/novice grower. They need little maintenance, basically once germinated apart from the usual watering/feed they can be left to their own devices.

Short and compact – easily concealable and versatile – Autoflowering are suitable for indoor, outdoor, balcony, patio, greenhouse etc.

Depending on climate can grow outdoor more or less any time of the year, therefore multiple crops during the year can be grown.

Sticky buds and leaf which will make cannabutter – Enough to make a batch of chocolate ganja brownies with enough left over for some garlic ganja bread – Happy days!

Speaking to breeders, stability and yield is something these guys are working on and it´s high on their priority list and no doubt they will get better and better over the next couple of years.

Will we grow autos again? Definitely! As the evening/night time temperature has plummeted we´ll opt for the regular planting season to arrive and grow again in optimum conditions to make a fair comparison .

Will we grow Cream Caramel again? Yes – The smoke was good – it´s not hard hitting and the buzz is shorter lasting nevertheless it is a pleasant stone. A nice ´in-between´ smoke, great when you have to ´get on with things´

Aroma and taste – Slightly fruity orange citrus aroma

Autoflowering – Breeder summary

Note:  The breeder Sweet Seeds states the following:

Fast Flowering: Yes – started flowering 27 th day

Outdoor production: 35 – 100 gr p/plant – Yes 40 gram yield

Height: 40 – 90 cm – No tallest plant 30 cm (although as seedlings we did experience the dog incident and a freak thunder storm)

Resinous: Yes, sticky resin coated buds


Do these seeds do what they say on the packet – Well actually….Yes they do!




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2 Responses to “Autoflowering – Harvest Time”

  1. Juan Sheet says:

    A very quick answer to your question “Why?” is Genotypes and Phenotypes and recessive Genes.
    These can easily be googled – so I wont spend the next hour typing.

    I can liken it to Humans and why the same two parents can produce tall kids, short kids, ginger kids, fat kids, thin kids, occasional twins or more-etc.
    It would be odd if those parent’s children all looked the same (with the exception of twins).
    Inbreeding would slowly stabilise the genetics but this causes problems. Which I’m sure we know about with Humans and is a good reason for it being illegal to marry your Sister.
    In our plant, with each successive inbreeding, there is a marked loss of vigour and (like Humans), new blood has to be introduced into the breeding line – and with New Blood comes new Genetic variation.

    So……a Commercial seller of Femmed seeds needs to sell you plants with vigour – good healthy growers or you wont come back. This means your seeds will be only a generation or two after new genetics have been introduced – hence the variation in your plants.

    That’s a very simple and stoned rambling attempt at an explanation of a very complicated subject.

    I’m going for a lay down now.

  2. Jason says:

    A comment on the height of the plants being below what the breeder projected. Autoflowers are made to be grown under long hours of light, 20 – 24 hours per day. There is “lively discussion” about how many hours are best. Since the plants go into flower in XX days and stop growing, if grown under less light per day, they will develop less height and mass.

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