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BCN Seeds – High Yield

 Coming Soon-

BCN Seeds are a new seed bank offering some outstanding feminized high yield marijuana strains created from the best cannabis genetics.

Most certainly the highest yielding cannabis seeds within the varieties are are Critical Mass and Nachos Bud which BCN Seeds claim will produce up to 1800 gr per plant when grown outdoors and within an indoor environment up to 800 gr m/2.


BCN Seeds – Classic Strains


Classic marijuana strains improved in taste and flavour include:


Bling Haze- A plant for the most delicate and gourmet palates. A very strong and spicy flavour with incredible huge presence of very bright glandular trichomes. It´s the haze flavour that appeals to everyone and never disappoints.

High production 550/650 g/m2 indoors and 1200/1500 gr / plant outdoors


Nachos Bud – Delicious bouquet and sweet flavours reminiscent of pastries, desserts dripping with honey cream and strawberries.

Very high production 700/800 g/m2 indoors and 1400/1800 grams per plant.


Critical Mass- Heavy and dense structure of flowers. This marijuana strain descended from a particularly vigorous Afghan mixed with the original Skunk. You will enjoy a lasting taste very sweet and floral like violets and rosemary jam.

bcn seeds

High production: 650 – 750 g/m2 indoors and 1500- 1800 gr per plant outdoors


Fruit M Mass – Robust structure with dark leaves and buds colored blue-green hues. Very productive and easy to grow.

Production Indoor:  Very high. Between 650-750 g/m2. Production Outdoor: 900 – 1300 gr per plant


Wildly WhiteWhite Widow – From 1994 to today, this variety has won numerous awards worldwide. Extraordinary production.

Yield Indoor: Medium 450-550 gr. / M2. Production Outdoor Yield: 1000-1250 gr, per plant


Sticky Wonder- This is a pungent, resinous and flavourful Haze, spicy on the palate. The name comes from the intense resin production. Strong potent effect ideal for leisure time.

bcn seeds

High yield -  550/650gr/m2 indoor and 950/1400 gr / plant.


BCN Seeds – Autoflowering

Automatic Kid – New Autoflowering Strain

bcn seeds

BCN are also due to launch a new autoflowering range to include Automatic Kid (shown above)

BCN Seeds are coming soon to our seed bank and going on sale in single packs and packs of 3 – Prices start from just €9.99



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