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4/09/2010 - Germany starts to implement a cannabis shift

Germany's plans to implement wider-scale access to safe cannabis supplies by legalising cannabis for medical use can happen quickly under EU law according to a member of the German government. It is news which will inspire UK medical cannabis advocates who have long tried to engage the British government in talks regarding the legal status of cannabis for medicinal use, only to be ignored at every turn, criminalising tens of thousands of UK patients who are forced to seek illegal sources, in the process.Many health professionals consider cannabis useful for the relief of nausea and the stimulation of appetite in chemotherapy or AIDS patients, as well as for general pain relief. But medical marijuana has been effectively illegal in Germany for decades, with only 40 patients in the entire country ever having obtained cannabis prescriptions, and only then under certain circumstances. Health professionals and advocates for the seriously ill welcomed the change, with Eugen Brysch of the German Hospice Foundation saying cannabis can play 'an important role' in the treatment of the critically ill." According to Gerhard Mueller-Schwefe, president of the German Society for Pain Therapy, "The policy change would open up new drug therapy options for patients with chronic pain diseases like multiple sclerosis, and that it's time to bring cannabis out from the shadows."

3/09/2010-Cannabis clubs in Spain legal - Belgium forms 1st club recently

Recently several charitable "cannabis clubs" were founded in Spain. The lawfulness of which are now confirmed, and sanctioned by courts in Catalonia and the Basque region.

People join the cannabis clubs to grow cannabis together and distribute it to members of the club at cost price.

Only members have access to the growing rooms and the cannabis.

In Spain trade with cannabis is prohibited, but possession for personal use is legal.

Its a European Dis-Union so far as cannabis is concerned. In Spain you may grow your own supply thus keeping you away from those nast drug-dealing types, but doing the same thing in the UK is liable to see you convicted on a 5 stretch. So what exactly is the point of Europe?
Isn't it about time the whole of Europe followed suit by allowing responsible adults to decide for themselves whether they kill themselves with one particular recreational drug or another? Join us on the Canna Zine cannabis forums and add your voice to the debate. Better still why not do it today?

A court in Bilbao, the biggest city of the Basque region, cleared four defendants of a cannabis club with 66 members from the prosecution of illegal cultivation of 150 kg of cannabis (fresh whole plants that resulted in 17.4 kg dried cannabis).

39 members use cannabis for medical purposes.

ENCOD (European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies) , a European organisation for the change of the drug laws regards the Spanish cannabis clubs as a model for other countries.

Recently the first association of cannabis growers was created in Belgium. As in Spain the possession of cannabis for personal use in Belgium, is legal.

Isn't it about time your government acted out a similar law change?

BBC report that Cannabis can ease pain caused by damaged nerves

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