Ace Seeds Nepal Haze

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Original Sensible Quick Overview of
Ace Seeds Nepal Haze

10 x Regular Cannabis Seeds
Type: 100% Sativa
Flowering indoors: 9-15 weeks
Flowering outdoors: Beginning of October
(Nepalese phenotype), mid/end Nov
Yield/m2: Medium
Resistence against pests: Medium
Resistence against Mold: Medium-High
Resistence against botrytis: High
Resistence against cold: Medium-High

Ace Seeds Nepal Haze

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  • Ace Seeds Nepal Haze

Ace Seeds Nepal Haze

Seedbank Ace Seeds
Fem|Auto|Regular Regular Seeds
Top Strains Haze Seeds
Indica/Sativa Indica / Sativa Hybrid Seeds

The Original Sensible Seed Co present - Ace Seeds Nepal Haze

Nepal Haze regular cannabis seeds from Ace Seeds are a new non stable hybrid. It results from pollinating Ace Seeds best highland nepalese mothers with a Green Haze male. The main and most frequent expression of this hybrid is a more vigorous and high yielding version of nepalese highland: fast flowering sativas with excellent adaptability, generous yield and clean and euphoric effect.There's a recessive phenotype, less usual, with a strong haze influence, that tends to grow bigger and requires longer flowering times and warmer environment.

STRUCTURE Nepalese expression has a medium size and is easy to grow. Haze influenced plants grow taller and branchy, with more thin leaflets.

BOUQUET Nepalese influenced plants have a lovely strawberry chewing gum aroma. Haze pheno smells woody and spicy, classic haze aroma.

HIGH Pleasant, clean and stimulating.

GROWING TIPS Nepalese plants are very adaptable, both indoors and outdoors. They grow properly in cold and warm climates. Recommended light intensity: Nepalese phenotype: 400 w/m2 Haze phenotype: 600 w/m2

GENETICS Highland Nepalese x Green Haze

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