Ambrosia Seed Company Apple Smack

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Original Sensible Quick Overview of
Ambrosia Seed Company Apple Smack

5 x Regular Cannabis Seeds
Also available in packs of 10
Genetics: (applejack s2) x (herijuana f19) absolute vigor f1
Flowering: 8-10 weeks
Characteristics: Expect flavors ranging from apple spice from the mother side
and acidic sweet fruity pungency from the father with excellent trichome
covering coming from both parents.  As the herijuana fathers are
dominant breeding for potency expect extremely potent bud with
some added exotic terpine profile and bigger yields with a more compact
shape when compared to the pure herijuana.  
See parent descriptions for more detailed information.

Ambrosia Seed Company Apple Smack

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Ambrosia Seed Company Apple Smack

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Indica/Sativa Indica / Sativa Hybrid Seeds

The Original Sensible Seed Co present - Ambrosia Seed Company Apple Smack
Apple Smack by Ambrosia Seed Co - Parental Lines

Apple Jack is the marriage an elite cut of a jack herer and an old stock white widow-  The Applejack clone has passed hands in the Amsterdam underground for years which dwindled to near extinction as this clone only strain lost the p1 stock for the original cross.  The apple name comes from a very special aroma and taste that come from its buds during flower that increase after the drying and curing process.  The Smell is identical to a sweet, slightly sour green apple with a hint of cinnamon, and vanilla spice that becomes more pronounced with a proper cure-Our selected s1 Clone was a a very heavy producer of super dense buds.  The buzz is a nice medium between the energetic haze dominant jack herrer and the more knock down indica narcosis that the old white widow is remembered for.   The folks at seedism, selfed the cut as a means of preserving the clone only as the original parental stock used were lost overtime- we  made an intensive selection from this stock and re-selfed the very best pheno which displays the apple smell and taste but still yields the most rock solid buds to achieve complete homogeneity of this S2 elite.  This is a huge yielder that combined dense big buds with connoisseur grade high, pleasing both croppers and those growing for personal smoke alike. The grower will fall in love with its densely stacked node structure and big yields while the smoker will keep coming back for more because of its extreme bag appeal, taste  and smell.  (roughly 8-9 weeks flowering time with excellent results indoors and outdoors as well)

Herijuana (aka Herojuana) F19 red fruit pheno 9-10 week  flowering
The first release of our Absolute Vigor series will involve outcrosses made by herijuana males.   We decided to use this strain for our first outcrossing as it is one of the few stable inbred lines(IBL)  strains that is dominant for passing on potency in outcrosses while allowing much of the mother’s  expression to show in  hybrids.  Although Woodhorse Seeds did an incredible job of producing this strain we have to give credit to canadaian breeder DaShadow as well, for the specific selection we are using for our p1’s.   Dashadow stabilized a line which tends to show slightly more sativa expression but it’s most interesting qualities are the exotic fruity smells and red coloring in stems, and vegetation.  Although it seemed an impossible task to improve the already stellar selection originally offered by woodhorse seeds, Dashadow seems to have improved the flavor and smell of this legendary strain while maintaining its ability to improve potency while letting the females attributes shine through when used to make outcrosses.  We would like to give credit to both Steve Tuck as well as Dashadow-You guys  created a legend and a true breeding gem!- We are honored to use their work in our first release.  The herijuana males seem to have made our hybrids combined with intensely selected female stock in many ways even better than either parent.  What more could a breeder ask for in a pollen stud!

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