Auto MK Ultra Seeds | TH Seeds

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Original Sensible Quick Overview of
Auto MK Ultra Seeds | TH Seeds

2 x Autoflowering Seeds (See below for available pack sizes)

Seed Breeder : TH Seeds
Genetic Origin : MK Ultra (G13 x OG Kush) x Autoflowering genetics
Pack sizes : Available in packs of 2 & 5 Autofem Seeds
Available Seed Types : 100% feminized cannabis seeds
Flowering / Harvest time : Short - 9 weeks seed to harvest
Yield : Medium - 150 + gr m2 - Outdoor 50 gr per plant
Height : Short - 75 cm indoor / 100-125cm outdoor

More strain info : Heavy hitting strain in a fast easy to grow auto variety

Auto MK Ultra Seeds | TH Seeds

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  • Auto MK Ultra Seeds | TH Seeds

Auto MK Ultra Seeds | TH Seeds

Seedbank TH Seeds
Fem|Auto|Regular Autoflowering Seeds
Top Strains G13 Seeds, OG Seeds
Flowering Time Short Flowering Time
Indica/Sativa Indica Dominant Seeds
Marijuana Effect Relaxing Marijuana

Auto MK Ultra TH Seeds
Named after those questionable experiments into brainwashing conducted by the CIA in the 1950’s, Auto MK Ultra is a unique strain produced by crossing an OG Kush male with the renowned G-13 female and then crossed back to an autoflowering strain to shorten the growth period. It’s all about MK Ultra (G-13 x OG Kush) when trying to determine the power behind these superior weed seeds. With mind blowing effects, Auto MK Ultra is Indica dominant but with enough of a Sativa kick to get you supercharged after that very first hit. When growing weed, Auto MK Ultra will harvest in just about nine weeks after germination and it is best to do an SOG due to the smaller size of these plants and the smaller, but denser nugs. Described as heavy popcorn-like nugs, don’t let size fool you! This is a heavy-hitting strain of cannabis seeds that doesn’t need a lot to give you the high you would expect from MK Ultra.
Original Sensible Seeds finds this to be one cultivar that is worth growing out. As the Auto version of MK Ultra, it is a strong, heavy-hitting strain just like its parent. The difference? A crop in much less the time!

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