Blue Cheese | Female Seeds

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Blue Cheese | Female Seeds

4 x Feminized Seeds (See below for available pack sizes)

Seed Breeder : Female Seeds
Genetic Origin : Cheese x Blueberry
Pack sizes : Available in packs of 4 & 10 Feminized seeds
Available Seed Types : 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering / Harvest time : 50 - 75 days from seed indoor and Outdoor Harvest in October
Yield : High Yield 
Height : Tall
THC / CBD / CBN : Unknown

More strain info : Two heavyweight strains combined to perfection!

Blue Cheese | Female Seeds

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Blue Cheese | Female Seeds

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Blue Cheese is the new strain release from Female Seeds which incorporates two heavyweight strains in this infusion of stable multi hybrid genetics. Cheese, the popular UK strain, selected as a mother plant due to its extremely “cheesy” high resin producing properties  gets a fruity jamming in this cross with the well know Blueberry variety to create Female Seeds Blue Cheese.

It is recommended to veg this strain for a full 2 weeks before switching to the flowering cycle of 12/12 hours of light. Once you have switched to your flowering schedule, flowering should take around 60 days before the hard resinous flowers are mature enough to harvest, but don’t rush things. Why spend all that time, energy and of course money on growing this knockout strain only to then harvest your plant before she is truly ready? To be absolutely sure of full maturity it is recommended to invest in a pocket microscope or magnifying system and to keep a close eye on the trichomes and in particular when they have become milky and mostly amber, depending on the effect you wish to achieve from your marijuana. This is a personal judgement but you may be disappointed by the potency if you rip your grow down when the crystals are mostly clear. This is true of any strain. This Blue Cheese variety from Female Seeds has a tendency to stretch quite a bit after the change in light cycle from veg to flower and as such attention to space and subsequent training may need to be addressed. Unless you need to be aware of security, growing outdoors doesn’t present these space problems as the sky’s the limit, and you can let this baby soar.

If you look after this Blue Cheese strain well and are patient you will be rewarded with an extremely heavy and high quality harvest of medicinal grade marijuana that gives off an equally extreme cheesy stench of dank buds that will leave you very stoned in the head with a fuzzy balanced body stone to drift along with. This variety comes highly recommended.

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