DNA Genetics Skunk Train

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Original Sensible Quick Overview of
DNA Genetics Skunk Train

30 x  Regular Cannabis Seeds
Sex : Regular Seed
Type :
Flowering : Photoperiod
Genetics : Mix
Flowering Time : Medium
Outdoor Harvest :
Height : Medium
THC Level :
Characteristics : 3 strains in one bumper pack

DNA Genetics Skunk Train

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  • DNA Genetics Skunk Train

DNA Genetics Skunk Train

Seedbank DNA Genetics
Fem|Auto|Regular Regular Seeds
Indica/Sativa Indica / Sativa Hybrid Seeds

The Original Sensible Seed Co presents - DNA Genetics Skunk Train

DNA Genetics The Skunk Train is a limited edition collection of regular seeds.  The OG #18, Sleestack, and Kandy Kush were all separately crossed with Skunk #1.  Expect multiple phenotypes as these are F1 hybrids that use the original male that was used for the Skunk Line.  It is different than the Lemon Skunk male.  It has been around longer and it is what created the Hindu Skunk, the Thai Haze Skunk, the Original Haze Skunk, and the list could go on.  The collection is sold as a set of three with 10 seeds of each variety in the pack, or each cross is sold separately as a pack of 13 seeds.

Kandy Kush x Skunk

This cross creates above average yields and she has great taste.  She is pungent – skunky with a fuely aftertaste.  The effect is a clear all day high that helps with anxiety and depression.  She grows tall with one main cola depending on phenotype. DNA Genetics Kandy Kush x Skunk is 65% Sativa, 35% Indica.  It is a three way cross of OG Kush x Train Wreck T4 x Skunk. Pinching will help to even out the canopy and she can handle the nutes.  Her cannabis seeds flower in 9 weeks.

 Sleestack x Skunk

DNA Genetics Sleestack x Skunk is 70% sativa, 30% Indica. The Sleestack x Skunk (SleeSkunk) is possibly one of the best hash producers in the world! It is tasty and very resinous. When grown, this strain turns out a good yield. She is fast flowering producing a very clear, up high, all day medication that is not too body. The room smell is amazing as you smoke her. She treats depression, anxiety and also relieves tension. She is great tasting – particularly, lemony with a funk. She grows in the classic xmas tree shape. Her cannabis seeds flower in 8-9 weeks.

The OG # 18 x Skunk

DNA Genetics OG #18 x Skunk is 60% sativa and 40% indica. This strain produces a good yield. She is not the heaviest feeders so don’t overdo the nutrients. The taste is that of fuely, sour, with a little bit of fruit. The high is strong and clear headed. She is tall with nice nugs and fairly easy to trim as there is good calyx to leaf ratio. This strain helps with pain relief and is uplifting. Those of you wanting the classic OG flavour with a above average yield, this is the one for you. Her cannabis seeds flower in 8-9 weeks.

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    Each of the three strains, OG#18, Kandy Kush, and the Sleestack, are crossed with a skunk that is Very strong genetically. While not hard to grow, expert growers can really push these strains to the limits! The sleeskunk doesnt have the biggest harvests, but the taste of this chronic is out of this world!!! It makes EXCELLENT dry ice extraction hash, when vaporized is one of the best tasting strains Ive ever tried! I still have clones of the kandy kush skunk and og#18 skunk growing in the medical garden, as they have a bit higher harvests.. but you can still get good harvests with the Sleeskunk by running it in a high density grow. I placed 30 plants in a 5*5*6.5 tent and was rewarded by an OCEAN of green instead of a sea! what a beautiful sight, and smell!
    Recommended to use a charcoal filter if your concerned with hiding the smells, as these skunks are some real STANK!!!

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