DNA Genetics Sweet Haze

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Original Sensible Quick Overview of
DNA Genetics Sweet Haze

13 x Regular Cannabis Seeds
Also available in packs of 6 Feminized &

Type : Mostly sativa
Flowering : Photoperiod
Genetics : Skunk X Haze X Cannalopehaze
Flowering Time : Long
Outdoor Harvest : October-November
Height : Tall
THC Level : Medium
Characteristics : Classic

DNA Genetics Sweet Haze

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DNA Genetics Sweet Haze

Seedbank DNA Genetics
Fem|Auto|Regular Feminized Seeds
Top Strains Haze Seeds
Flowering Time Long Flowering Time
Indica/Sativa Indica / Sativa Hybrid Seeds

The Original Sensible Seed Co present - DNA Genetics Sweet Haze

DNA Genetics Sweet Haze Cannabis Seeds grow into tall plants, but not airy like some haze's. She managed to keep the yield of the Cannalope with more of a haze bite and the old skool skunk meeting a fruity haze. The flower time on these Cannabis Seeds have been cut down extremely compared to most hazes and we recommend early flowering due to her height. We see quite a mix with this Sweet Haze, some tall, some huge but all have the classic "Haze" flavour. Be patient, DNA Genetics Sweet Haze comes on strong in the end with a pungent sticky coat of crystals that will leave you in a Sweet Haze!Sweet Haze is Skunk X Haze X Cannalopehaze, is 90% sativa and harvests in October – November. Sweet Haze has a flowering period of about 9 weeks. Shes best grown in a Sea of Green.

  1. taste just like purple haze
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    taste amazing and has a very nice head high

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