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Here's our collection of Fast Autoflowering strains.
Many of our seeds are available in Regular, Feminized and Auto Flowering varieties.

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We stock a large range of Fast Autoflowering seeds.  Autoflowering Seeds are rapidly becoming a favorite with our customers, as we now stock which reach completion in as little as 35 days.

For more information on Autoflowering seeds, click "Read more..." to view our article on the latest Autoflowering seeds from Barneys, Greenhouse, Sweet Seeds and more


The arrival of Lowryder from the Joint Doctor - lowryder , signaled the beginning of a new wave of exciting autoflowering cannabis strains. The success of Lowryder made a huge impact on the industry and the very much overlooked rudarelis gene became an overnight star.

Lowryder autofloweringThe joint Doctor followed with genetic sequels to Lowryder, Lowryder 2, Easy Ryder and Diesel

Ryder with flowering times lowering all to time and leveling at between 7 and 9 weeks.

Recently the autoflowering seed niche has been dominated by the Spanish breeder Sweet Seeds. Sweet Seeds launched a range of fast flowering, autoflowering seeds. Big Devil along with Speed Devil and Fast Bud arrived in quick succession providing enthusiasts with an increased choice of autoflowering seeds.

Already this year has seen the improved genetic descendants appearing from Sweet Seeds. The interest in shorter plants didn't go un noticed by Sweet Seeds and so the new autoflowering strains, Big Devil 2 , Fast Bud 2 and Speed Devil 2 are all shorter and faster with Speed Devil 2, Fast Bud 2 and Cream Caramel completing in 35 days! We've made a collection of all of the fastest autoflowering cannabis seeds including all of the seeds on this page.

The arrival of Big Devil 2 sparked great interest here and we set to the Original Sensible HQ to start some off. We were really impressed with the vigor and progression of the Big Devil 2 and the completion times are just as claimed with the plant ready to harvest after 6 weeks and the height coming in at under 50cms. As you can see in the images below the bud formation and size is fantastic. The Big Devil 2 Autoflowering is a very sturdy plant with very impressive yields for an autoflowering strain.

Big Devil 2 Autoflowering

Big Devil 2 Autoflowering Big Devil 2 Autoflowering

This month we're going to see new Autoflowering seeds arriving from some of the seed industry heavyweights, current Cannabis Cup holders, Barneys Farm and Coffee Shop Giant Green House Seeds.

Barneys Farm Seeds Barneys Farm have now launched three new and much anticipated strains :

Little Cheese Autoflowering is a very short ( at about 40cm ) and fast flowering cheese strain. Little Cheese Autoflowering is of Ruderalis X Skunk#1 X Blueberry lineage and is an excellant autoflowering cheese fusion.

Barneys Farm Little Cheese Autoflowering Barneys Little Cheese does not give off the infamous cheese aroma !

Barneys Farm Flower Power Autoflowering is a Lowryder Auto x Kush strain with flowering completion times of between 60 and 65 days and for those height conscious growers the Flower Power Auto comes in at an amazingly short 30 - 60 cm.

Barneys Farm Flower Power Autoflowering

Flower Power lives up to its name, the Indica dominant strain sure packs some power, flower?

We've possibly left the best Autoflowering strain from Barneys Farm 'till last. The biggest release yet this year to the autoflowering cannabis seed sector is Barneys Farms new Pineapple Express Autoflowering. Like the original Pineapple Chunk, Pineapple Express forms a firm, single cola covered with very visible THC crystals. Pineapple Express Auto is very much a taste connoisseurs choice, with a real attack on the senses that leaves a pleasant, lingering and moorish taste in your mouth and a gorgeous aroma to compliment.

Barneys Farm Pineapple Express Autoflowering



So, whats next? We have the third and final contender and that comes in the shape of Amsterdam Coffee shop giants the Green House Seed Co .     

                                                                    Greenhouse Seeds

First up is the return of one of last years biggest selling ( and fastest selling out... ) strains Big Bang. The Greenhouse have brought this strain up to date at incredible pace providing another inexpensive, easy to manage strain, Big Bang Auto

Greenhouse Seeds big bang autoflowering  Big Bang Auto is a Skunk X Northern Light X El Niño hybrid

This new strain claims yields indoor of up to 900 grams per square meter and a flowering time of 6 weeks from germination. Big Bang Auto will flower at any light period between 12 and 18 hours and outdoor will complete in 5-6 weeks with a yield of up to 45 grams per plant. Greenhouse seeds also state that this strain will flower during any time of year as long as the temperature remains above 10 degrees C.

Dinafem Seeds Critical + Autoflowering

Dinafem Seeds Critical + Autoflowering seeds

Critical was first produced by top Spanish breeder Dinafem Seeds with its hugely popular and very high quality Critical strain. As well as the new incarnation Critical +  and Dinafem Seeds Critical + Autoflowering . Dinafem seeds area also releasing more high quality Autoflowering seeds with Critical Jack Autoflowering We be featuring some more of Dinafems fantastic strains soon, along with an exclusive write up from Dinafem.

Greenhouse seeds have also created the new Super Critical Autoflowering strain. 

Greenhouse Seeds Super Critical Autoflowering

Greenhouse Super Critical Autoflowering is a slightly taller autoflowering strain with heights between 70cm and 120cm and offers good yield for an Autoflowering strain of up to 800 grams per square meter.

The Super Critical Auto is again cleared for outdoor use with a minimum temperature of 10 degrees C.

The final contender from Greenhouse Seeds is Green o Matic. At the moment we know that it is a Ruderalis, Moroccan, White Dwarf and Low Rider genetic. Greenomatic autoflowering is another short one from Greenhouse reaching heights ( or lows ) of between 30cm and 40cm at harvest. Greenomatic reaches completion in between 55 and 65 days with average yields for an autoflowering strain of this height. Greenhouse advise a climate over 15 degrees for this strain. We're perfectly situated close to the Mediterranean where outdoor growers will have a decent 9 month window for this strain outdoors. Greenomatic is due to be release any day now, and be assured that as soon as this new strain goes on sale, The Original Sensible Seed Co will have it first !

Greenhouse seeds Greenomatic Autoflowering seeds

So, for all of you autoflowering enthusiasts out there, we hope you've enjoyed a quick insight into some of the new autoflowering strains that are on the market. To see such a sudden increase in the number of autoflowering strains on offer and the emphasis being placed on them by top breeders such as Barneys Farm, Sweet Seeds , Dinafem and of course Greenhouse shows that the Rudarelis influence is here to stay and we can all look forward to faster, shorter and heavier autoflowering strains to come in the near future.

For you interest, we have compiled a huge list of Autoflowering cannabis seeds from every source we can find. We have also put together a list of the fastest autoflowering cannabis seeds on the market today.

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