Cannabis Cup Winners 2011


The Cannabis Cup Winners -- 2011

Well its the morning after the night before. Last night at the High Times Cannabis Cup awards show, the  Cannabis Cup Winners2011 were finally announced.



Cannabis Cup 2011 Entries

The Official High Times Cannabis Cup 2011 entries video :


Coffeeshop Import Hash

Amnesia Rifman (New Times Coffee Shop)
Arabica Special (Arabica Lounge)
Black Gorilla (Easy Times Coffee Shop)
Carmella Cream (Barney’s Coffee Shop)
Critical 47 (Anyday Coffee Shop)
Exodus Cream Cheese (Greenhouse Seed Company)
Grey Cashmir (Best Friends Coffee Shop)
Itoning Hash (The Noon Coffee Shop)
Love Bomb (Dampkring Coffee Shop)
On Maroc (Prix’d Ami Coffee Shop)
Tarakola Nepal (Bluebird Coffee Shop)
Tidghine Ketema (Betty Boop Coffee Shop)
Twizla (Green Place Coffee Shop)

Coffeeshop Nederhash

Dead Head Ice-O-Later (Green Place Coffee Shop)
Elevator (Amnesia Coffee Shop)
Grey Crystal (Grey Area Coffee Shop)
Grinspoon Ice-O-Later (Stone’s Cafe)
Hawaiian Ice (Greenhouse Seed Company)
Liberty Melt (Barney’s Coffee Shop)
Waterworks Ice-O-Later (Dampkring Coffee Shop)

Coffeeshop Weed

420 Haze (420 Cafe)
A.M.G. (Prix’d Ami Coffee Shop)
Amnesia Haze (New Times Coffee Shop)
Blue Rascal OG (Bluebird Coffee Shop)
Buddah Tahoe OG (Green Place Coffee Shop)
Casey Jones (The Bushdoctor)
Ceres Hilton (Dampkring Coffee Shop)
Cheese (El Guapo Coffee Shop)
Cheese (T’Ketelje)
Critical 47 (Anyday Coffee Shop)
Dr. Grinspoon (Stone’s Cafe)
El Cid (Funky Monkey)
Ginger Ale (De ZeKamer)
Godzilla Ganja (Betty Boop Coffee Shop)
Happy Haze (Happy Feelings Coffee Shop)
Hawaiian Snow (Greenhouse Seed Company)
Kosher Kush (Voyagers Coffee Shop)
Liberty (Barney’s Farm)
NY Diesel Confedential (Easy Times Coffee Shop)
S5 Haze (Mellow Yellow Coffee Shop)
Snow Dawg (Homegrown Fantasy)
Sour Diesel (Best Friends Coffee Shop)
T-Line (Grey Area Coffee Shop)
The White Dolphin (The Dolphins)


Amnesia Haze Ice-O-Later Hash (Soma Sacred Seeds)
Blueberry Purp Super Melt (Nor Cal Genetics)
Dr. Grinspoon Ice (Barney’s Farm)
Exodus Jelly (Greenhouse Seed Company)
Free Leonard (BC Bud Depot)
Gold Ice-O-Lator (Devil’s Harvest Seed Company)
Hydra Hash (Hogg Seeds)
Kali Mist (Serious Seeds)
Money Maker Jelly (Strain Hunters Landrace Seed Bank)
OG #18 X Skunk Nelson (Riserva Privada Seed Company)
Opium Ice Cream (Paradise Seeds)
R.O.G. Nelson (Reserva Privada Colorado)
Skunkman Style Cheese Dry Sift (Big Buddah Seeds)
Star Wax (Hortilab Seed Company)
Tahoe OG Kush Wax (The Cali Connection Collective)
The Nelson Banana (DNA Genetics)


AK-47 (Serious Seeds) Buy AK47 Seeds
Amnesia Haze (Soma Sacred Seeds) Buy Amnesia HAze
Chococheese aka Buddahlope (Big Buddah Seeds) 
Dead Head OG (The Cali Connection Collective)
Exodus Cheese (Greenhouse Seed Company) Buy Exodus Cheese Seeds
Haoma (Hogg Seeds)
Holy Grail Kush (Reserva Privada Colorado) 
Holy Grail Kush (DNA Genetics) Buy Holy Grail Kush Seeds
Liberty (Barney’s Farm)
OG #18 (Reserva Privada Seed Company) Buy OG18 Seeds
Orange Shack (Strain Hunters)
Phat Freddy (Kiwi Seeds)
Shoreline (Devil’s Harvest Seed Company)
Sour Amnesia (Hortilab Seed Company)
Super Sour Skunk (Hortilab Seed Company)
The Crystal Ship (Big Buddah Seeds Espana)
The Purps (BC Bud Depot)


Biker Kush (Karma Genetics)
Blue Cheese (Barney’s Farm) Buy Blue Cheese Seeds
Critical Kush (Barney’s Farm)
Diamond Girl (Greenhouse Seed Company) Buy Diamond Girl Seeds
Hammer Shark (Resin Seeds
Hunter’s Kush (Strain Hunters)
Kosher Kush (Riserva Privada Seed Company) 
Kushdee (All Star Genetics)
Kosher Kush (Reserva Privada Colorado)
Ox (Rare Dankness Seed Compnay)
Sheldon Black Kush (DNA Genetics) 
Soma-Licious (Soma Sacred Seeds)
Star Bud (Hortilab Seed Company)
Strawberry Sour Diesel (T-Light Seed Company)
Sugar Black Rose (Delicious Seeds) Buy Sugar Black Rose Seeds
T99 (Kiwi Seeds) 
The Black (BC Bud Depot)
White Widow (Home Grown Fantasy Seeds) Buy White Widow Seeds
Warlock (Serious Seeds) -- Buy Warlock Seeds


California Dreaming (The Cali Connection Collective)
Daddy’s Girl (Kiwi Seeds) Buy Daddy’s Girl Seeds
Dominator (Karma Genetics)
Dr. Grinspoon (Barney’s Farm) Buy Dr. Grinspoon Seeds
Gold Haze (Devil’s Harvest Seed Company)
Hawaiian Snow (Greenhouse Seed Company) Buy Hawaiian Snow Seeds
Kali Mist (Serious Seeds) Buy Kali Mist Seeds
Kaligra (All Star Genetics)
Kandy Apple (Reserva Privada Colorado) 
Lemondrop Haze (TH Seeds) 
Moonshine Haze (Rare Madness)
Neville’s Haze X Cheese (Big Buddah Seeds)
Old School Haze (Barney’s Farm)
Panama Haze (Strain Hunters)
S.A.S. (Big Buddah Seeds Espana) Buy S.A.S Seeds
Silver Bubble (Reserva Privada Seed Company) Buy Silver Bubble Seeds
Somantra (Soma Sacred Seeds) Buy Somantra Seeds
Strange Clouds (Bongura Seeds)
Truly Fruity (BC Bud Depot)

Official Poster -24th  High Times Cannabis Cup 2011

Cannabis Cup 2011














The Cannabis Cup 2011 Videos

Day One at the Cannabis  Cup 2011 with B.O.B


Day Two at the Cannabis Cup 2011


Day Four at the Cannabis Cup 2011


Police Raid the Cannabis Cup 2011 during Day 4



The 24th Annual High Times Cannabis Cup Winners 2011 are :

Indica Cup

Reserva Privada (Colorado) for
Kosher Kush -- Buy Kosher Kush Reserva Privada

Hortilab for
Star Bud

Cali Connection for
Tahoe OG


Sativa Cup

1  Rare Dankness Seed co for
Moonshine Haze

THSeeds for
Electric Lemon Haze -- Buy TH Seeds

Karma Genetics for


Overall Cannabis Cup Winners 2011 

1 Barney’s Coffeeshop for
Liberty Haze  Barneys Farm Seeds

2 Green House United for
Hawaiian Snow Greenhouse Seeds Buy Hawaiian Snow Seeds

3 The Green Place for
Buddha Tahoe -- Buy Buddha Tahoe The Big Buddha Seeds



Cannabis Cup Winners 2011





So there you have it, the Winners of this years High Times Cannabis Cup. And the overall Cannabis Cup winners, for the second year in a row are Barneys Farm Seeds






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