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 Bringing you the latest strains since 1992, we are dedicated to making it easy for our customers to buy cannabis seeds online, safely and quickly. Whether you are an experienced breeder, a bulk collector, or a new grower wanting to try your hand at cultivating your own legal marijuana. 

On this page you will find everything you need to know to make buying from our cannabis seedbank easy, including a full guide to all the terminology we use on this site, and information on using our strain search engine. You'll find it all here with the Original Sensible Seeds

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 Quick tips when buying your seedsFirst time visiting our seed bank? Here are some quick useful tips :

- Only female plants yield flowers / bud, which is why some growers prefer Feminized seeds
- Some strains suit indoors and other outdoors. Full strain info can be found on every seed page.
- Our fastest Autoflowering strains can flower in as little as 35 days. 
- Looking for a specific Strain, Seed type, or Cannabis Seedbank?

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

On every product listing we have included information on the strain, THC and CBD levels, growing conditions, harvest time, medicinal properties, and special characteristics, plus details on pack sizes available. This level of detail on each cannabis seed makes searching our cannabis seedbank easy. Just use the search bar at the top of the page. Alternatively you can use the menu options to browse through our regular, feminized, autoflowering and medicinal marijuana seed collections.

Seeds info Useful Cannabis Seeds InformationSeeds info

Here at Original Sensible Seeds, we stock a huge range of different strains in our specialist bank. Each strain has its own webpage with information provided by the breeder on what makes that strain special, how it originated, and the different types and pack sizes we have available to buy online.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds
: Only female plants produce cannabis. With regular cannabis seeds you need to weed out the male plants. Using feminized seeds, which produce only female plants, is a more expensive option, but greatly increases your crop potential.  

Regular Cannabis Seeds
Regular Cannabis Seeds
: The cheapest way to buy cannabis seeds, regulars are great for anyone just starting to grow their own legal plants, or for the more advanced legal grower wanting to breed something new.

 autoflowering cannabis seeds
: Autoflowering seeds make growing your own legal cannabis easier. Usually, the grower restricts the plants' access to light to trigger the flowering stage. With Autoflowering seeds the plants don't need the prompt, and will flower when they are ready, without the grower needing to change lighting levels. 

fast flowering cannabis seeds
Fast Flowering
: Faster flowering means a shorter time to harvest. This collection includes a selection of fast auto strains which reach rapid completion, some in as little as 35 days.


indoor cannabis seeds
Indoor Seeds
: Strains which the breeder advises should be cultivated indoors.


Outdoor Cannabis Seeds
Outdoor Strain
: Seeds which the breeder states are suitable for growing outdoors.

Medical Marijuana Seeds
Medicinal Marijuana Seeds
: We stock a range of seeds known producing high quality medicinal marijuana. Different strains are best suited to different medical conditions, depending on their THC and CBD levels (explained below). We have classified marijuana seeds on our site according to some of the most common medical conditions known to benefit from cannabis use, including depression, pain relief and insomnia.

High THC Cannabis SeedsHigh THC: THC (delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol) levels are expressed as a percentage, and are an indicator of the potency of cannabis the plant produces. THC is a chemical associated with strong psychoactive effects, such as feeling creative, curious, excited or relaxed. It is also known to stimulate appetite, and give a feeling of altered space-time perception. Marijuana seeds in our high THC category, have the THC percentage marked in their description, to give you an indication of potency.

High CBD Cannabis SeedsHigh CBD: CBD (cannabidiol) is also expressed as a percentage. It increases some of the effects of THC, whilst limiting some its negative side effects. It also has a medicinal effect for particular conditions, including Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and Epilepsy.

Single Cannabis SeedsSingle Cannabis Seeds Variety isn't just for sweet shops, you can pick and mix a range of of hundreds of different cannabis strains, choosing single seeds or mixed packs. Pick & Mix We have added something new to the cannabis market, our pick and mix collections offer you the chance to buy a mix of top strains, including our Cannabis Cup winner combo, a Lucky Dip combo and many more

Bulk Cannabis Seeds
Bulk Buying
For those interested in making a large order, we offer big discounts for bulk purchases.

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