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Jesus OG TGA Subcool Genetics

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Original Sensible Quick Overview of
Jesus OG TGA Subcool Genetics

5 x Regular Seeds ( See below for available pack sizes )

Seed Breeder : TGA Subcool Genetics
Genetic Origin : Hells OG X Jacks Cleaner X Space Queen
Pack sizes : Available in packs of 5 Regular seeds
Available Seed Types : Regular Cannabis Seeds
Flowering / Harvest time : Medium at between 56 to 63 days.
Yield : Medium Yield 
Height : Tall
THC / CBD / CBN : 20% THC, 0.56 CBD, 1.27 CBN

More strain info : Typical Kush flavor with subtle undertones of lemon and fruit flavors. The flavor of Kush takes a back seat to the fruit smell.

Jesus OG TGA Subcool Genetics

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  • Jesus OG TGA Subcool Genetics

Jesus OG TGA Subcool Genetics

Seedbank TGA Subcool Genetics
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Medical Use Pain Relief

Jesus OG by TGA Genetics was created by selecting just the right Kush mother plant (Hells OG) and combining her with Jacks Cleaner and Space Queen to achieve the legendary effects of Jack the Ripper. Jesus OG is what the guys at TGA believe a Sour Kush should measure up to. There are two main phenotypes; a lemon scented one containing high levels of lemonene, whilst the other is very Kush Dom and the favorite among all of the testers. Jesus OG grows tall and is a heavy producer of beautiful buds that contain high levels of THC which tested at over 20%. This plant has proven itself both indoors and outdoors but to maximize bud production it is recommended to top this strain early and train Jesus OG Kush into a round bush.
The harvesting time on this strain is between 56 – 63 days. You will not be disappointed by this delicious medicinal marijuana strain as the typical Kush flavour with undertones of lemon and fruit flood the senses with a narcotic but thought provoking effect that provides pain relief with mental clarity.

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  1. outdoor 10 pount plant
    Seed Rating

    recently saw subcool and mendo dope brothers grow a 10 pounder with this jesus og guys, go check out on youtube and then come back and pick these up, its a must , lol

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