BCN Diesel Max Auto | Kannabia Seeds

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BCN Diesel Max Auto | Kannabia Seeds

1 x Feminized Autoflowering Seed
Also available in packs of 5 & 10
Sex : Feminized Seed
Type : Autoflowering
Harvest: 65-70 days
Height : IND 45cm+ / OUT 120 cm
THC Level : 8-10%
Production: IND 30 gr plant / OUT 130 gr plant

Kannabia Seeds BCN Diesel Max Auto

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  • Kannabia Seeds BCN Diesel Max Auto

BCN Diesel Max Auto | Kannabia Seeds

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BCN Diesel Max Auto | Kannabia Seeds
Kannabia Seeds  BCN Diesel Max Auto Autoflowering - Kannabia wanted to make the most of the best characteristics of thier BCN Diesel, which are the growth and yield of indica with the flavour and psychoactivity of sativa. We also wanted to select a rudelaris variety with a similar flavour to that of Diesel, but as that is impossible, the closest our team came was to opt for a fermented-fruit aroma, resulting in a fruity Diesel with earthy notes. The flavour is strong, one you can “chew on”. The typical urine smell is maintained during flowering.
Part of its Afghan heritage is the very high production of “crystals”, which can clearly be seen from some distance. Outdoors, the plants can reach 120 cm, easily achieving a yield of up to 130 grams per plant.
Thanks to our BCN Diesel, this cross has increased crystal development and a higher psychoactive effect, with a flavour that combines Diesel with bitter lemon and lime. The yield is not especially abundant, but the final quality is very good indeed. The buds are firm and compact, with only a small gap between nodes. The increase in THC content is quite remarkable. The plant accepts large amounts of fertiliser, although organic fertilisers are recommended for outdoors. Indoors, with a photoperiod of 14 hours, the plant’s autoflowering behaviour is clearly evident. It forms robust woody branches between nodes with compact flowers, although not many in number. The yield is around 30 grams per plant.
When creating this variety, we had two parameters clearly in mind for selection: flavour and trichome production.
From seed, the indoor cycle with a photoperiod of 12/12 or 14/10 is 8-9 weeks for optimal ripening.
Outdoor flowering cycle: 3 months. Planting in early spring recommended.

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