Mandala Seeds Mango Zamal - Regular Cannabis Seed

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Original Sensible Quick Overview of
Mandala Seeds Mango Zamal - Regular Cannabis Seed

10 x Regular Cannabis Seed
Type: 100% Sativa
Genetics from: Zamal, La Réunion x Lakshmi, South India
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC: High
Harvest Outdoors: Multiple harvests possible
Flowering Indoors: 80-100 days
Yield: Depends on location, multiple harvests possible
High: Alert cerebral high with a pleasant calming effect,
imaginative and creative, no negative side-effects and non-racy.
The mellow sativa buzz allows you to dosage the high according
to your own taste. Not suitable for persons with high THC tolerance!
Aroma: Mango, fruity, carrot, lemon cleaner.
Medical use: Broad spectrum use. Zamal is used as a herbal remedy
on La Réunion. Good for lethargy and depression as well.

Mandala Seeds Mango Zamal

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  • Mandala Seeds Mango Zamal

Mandala Seeds Mango Zamal - Regular Cannabis Seed

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The Original Sensible Seed Co present - Mandala Seeds Mango Zamal - Regular Cannabis Seed

Mandala Seeds Mango Zamal is a 100% sativa cannabis seed with a pleasurable cerebral high. In this landrace hybrid wMandala have largely preserved zamal’s outstanding characteristics, but modified essential features so that it has become more stabilised and easier to grow.

The decision to use a South Indian strain to complement zamal was based on our lifelong experience of breeding landraces optimally, plus the fact that the zamal is originally a blend of South Indian and African genetics. The aim of this edition Mango Zamal is to make these rare landrace genetics available for cultivators and breeders who appreciate pure, unique sativas. There are several variations of zamal distinguished by aromatic qualities such as 'mango-carrot', 'citrus', 'peppery', 'earthy', and so on. The mango-carrot enjoys the best reputation for quality and taste.

This landrace strain has the luxury of an on-going tropical season and can be harvested for many years on La Réunion, with impressive yields that would make any grower smile with delight. Zamal is a very strong and resistant plant, certainly a valuable trait on an island affected by hurricanes. For the zamal mother Mandala  selected a male parent from an old and reliable South Indian stock that has been tried and tested by us since we collected it in 1992. The particular male chosen for this project convinced Mandal through many outstanding traits that will serve this zamal hybrid well.

The new infusion of genes from the male has tamed the wild zamal sufficiently, so that it now offers the possibility of pre-sexing and cloning plants indoor before planting them outdoor. The Lakshmi genetics contribute: impressive stress resistance, controllable plant height, greatly enhanced calyx-leaf ratio, reduced flowering time, larger bud sites and more stability. The aroma and taste of Mango Zamal is varied and depends on your soil type and other environmental factors.

During flowering a mild mango fragrance is not uncommon. It is usually overlayed by other stronger smells that range from carrot to citrus. The cured buds from some plants lean towards a fruity-honey aroma, whilst others have more of a lemon cleaner smell. The high starts up quickly with a slight pressure to the head that abides quickly. An alert yet calm state of mind follows and for the duration of the high you will find concentration and creativity enhanced. Mango Zamal is not overpowering and does not trigger any of the anxiety type side-effects typical to some sativas.


* rare heritage cannabis

* 'immortality gene' that allows frequent harvests

* moderate nutrient requirements - can grow in poorer soils

* pleasant sativa high for everyday enjoyment

* of special interest for equatorial or tropical regions

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