Mandala Seeds Sadhu - Regular Cannabis Seed

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Original Sensible Quick Overview of
Mandala Seeds Sadhu - Regular Cannabis Seed

10 x Regular cannabis seed
Type: indica-sativa
Genetics from: Jammu-Kashmir, North India
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC: 18%
Harvest outdoors: Mid October
Flowering Indoors: 60-65 days
Yield: Indoors 400 - 450 gr m/2 Outdoors 600 - 800 gr per plant
Height: Short
High: You can relax and unwind with this strong psychoactive high
that makes your mind fly while your body stays in a state of relaxation.
This indica is seldom narcotic if harvested timely and is perfect for those
after work hours or lazy afternoons. Very satisfying and enjoyable ganja
with no side-effects such as racy heart, paranoia, etc.
Aroma: Fruity melon; sweet or candy-like; earthy; some spice.
Medical use: Sadhu assists against stress, nervousness, sleep disorders;
it has shown anti-depressive properties.
Popular as all-purpose medical marijuana.

Mandala Seeds Sadhu

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  • Mandala Seeds Sadhu

Mandala Seeds Sadhu - Regular Cannabis Seed

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The Original Sensible Seed Co present - Mandala Seeds Sadhu - Regular cannabis seed

Mandala Seeds Sadhu - This cannabis seed is a combination of a specially adapted land race male from the Himalayan heights and one of our short flowering indica-sativa hybrids. This variety is a homage to the legendary ganja from the Indian high altitude valleys, and to the wandering ascetics or sadhus, who keep the tradition of cannabis cultivation, it’s ritual and recreational use, alive. Sadhu is one of our shortest indica with a very robust and compact stature ideal for small/low grow spaces, or incognito balcony cultivation. The uniformity of the plants in terms of size and flowering time is high but, at the same time, we managed to preserve the hybrid vigour. This strain is best choice for harvesting a potent and tasty hash strain with a minimum of effort.

Outdoor cultivation is possible up to the 45°N and in all climates with a dry autumn. Excellent results can be achieved in the greenhouse as with all other Mandala strains. Although special care is always taken to increase mold resistance in our breeding lines, this does remain an indica with a tight bud structure, therefore some plants may react sensitive to high humidity. For optimal results keep humidity and watering low in the last 2 weeks of flowering and check the headbuds at least once before harvest. Her resiny leaves can produce wonderfully fragrant hash of finest quality. The mild, earthy, sweet-spicy bouquet of the dried flowers reminds one of oriental bazaars and hand-rolled charas.

Product Features

* potent connoisseur high

* variety of delicious aromas

* high resin output ("hash strain")

* short, uniform, compact plants

* suitable for low-light cultivation

* short flowering time

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