Seeds Of Life Big Low - Autoflowering

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Original Sensible Quick Overview of
Seeds Of Life Big Low - Autoflowering

1 x Auto Feminized Cannabis Seed
Also available in packs of 3 & 5
Sex : Feminized Seed
Type : Indica / Sativa
Flowering : Autoflowering
Genetics :
Flowering Time : Medium
Outdoor Harvest :
Height : Medium
THC Level :
Characteristics : They're well branched
and always full of resin

Seeds Of Life Big Low - Autoflowering

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Seeds Of Life Big Low - Autoflowering

Seedbank Seeds Of Life
Fem|Auto|Regular Feminized Seeds
Indica/Sativa Indica / Sativa Hybrid Seeds

The Original Sensible Seed Co presents - Seeds Of Life Big Low - Autoflowering

Seeds Of Life Big Low Autoflowering

Features and description:

The Big Low seeds (F3) of February '09 are real Auto-Flowering Feminilized 100%.
Obtained selecting and crossbreeding the best genetics for 3 generations, testing the Epigenetic Theory, they appear at last Giants Auto-Flowering, those in the right conditions are a little bit as good as normal strains.
The Big Low, stable, exceptionally vigorous, always aromatic, very strong, are some of the most fruitful.
The Seeds are healthy, nicely pot-bellied, mature, very dark, mostly big/meddle-sized.

Phenotype expression:

They appear in 2 phenotypes, one with a more “ sativa ” appearance that grows over 1m in height, the other, more “indica”, goes up to 75cm in Hydro and indoors @ 18/20h on 24. In standard conditions auto-flower in 21days and they are all set in 65.
In outdoors they become a little bit lower and need some more day due the smaller time of the light exposition. They're well branched and always full of resin on all the apical leaves.

The Big Low has been valued during the Barcelona Spannabis '09.


The Original Sensible Seed Co presente -  Seeds Of Life Big Low - Autoflureciente

Seeds Of Life Big Low Autofloreciente


Estas semillas de Big Low(F3) de Febrero '09 son reales Autoflorecientes Feminizadas 100%.
Obtenidas seleccionando y cruzando entre las mejores genéticas por 3 generaciones, experimentando la Teoria Epigenetica, resultan ser finalmente Autoflorecientes Gigantes, que en justas condiciones son como una variedad normal.
La Big Low es estable y muy vigorosa, siempre aromática, muy potente y entre las más productivas. Las semillas se presentan en perfecta salud, maduras y gordas, de coloración oscura y de talla medio/grande.

Expresión del Fenotipo:

Se manifiestan en 2 fenotipos: uno con aspecto Sativo, sobre 1 metro de altura, el otro más Indico de 75cm de altura. Esto se manifiesta en cultivos interior y/o Hydro con una exposición de 18-20hs, sobre 24. In condiciones standard: autofloreiciente en 21dias y listos en 65 desde semilla.
En esterior con 10 dias mas su altura es menor, debido al menor tiempo de exposición lumínica.
Su estructura es fuerte, bien ramificada y con abundante resina blanca en todas sus hojas apicales.

La Big Low ha sido apreciada a la Spannabis de Barcelona '09.

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