Smile Max Auto | Kannabia Seeds

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Smile Max Auto | Kannabia Seeds

1 x Feminized Autoflowering Seed
Also available in packs of 5 & 10
Harvest: 65-70 days
Type : Autoflowering
Height : Ind 45 cm+ / Out 100 cm
THC Level : 8-10%
Production: Ind 35 gr plant / Out 110-130 gr plant

Smile Max Auto | Kannabia Seeds

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Smile Max Auto | Kannabia Seeds

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Smile Max Auto | Kannabia Seeds
Kannabia Seeds Smile Max Auto Autoflowering - This plant’s vigour is clear to see from the beginning. Its leaves end in a sharp point, like a serrated dagger. This is a highly attractive automatic variety from the first days of growth, with a pine-tree-shaped structure and a good central bud. It’s a plant that brings its full ripening forward several weeks when grown outdoors. Smile’s AK-47 component is noticeable in the flavour and in the for-mation of thick branches, ready to house good bunches of compact, orange-hued flowers.
It adapts well to extreme climates and is recommended for use outdoors. The optimal time for growing in the driest parts of Spain and Portugal is between March and September (watching out for the first rainfall of the autumn in late September, aiming to give autoflowering varieties the fertiliser and hours of quality light they need while growing and flowering.
Under hydroponic systems (with similar results in outdoor greenhouses), Smile Max Auto reaches an average height of 100 cm with a yield of around 110 grams per plant. Indoors, the plant grows to about 45 cm +  high, with a yield of 35 grams per plant.
The gap between nodes is very small, and they become covered with small flowers that form thick, compact bunches. The leaves are typical of AK varieties: slender, serrated and dark green in colour. Resin formation is abundant, and using a magnifying glass you can observe the fattening of the trichome heads. The plant produces large amounts of CBD and a delicious hash can be extracted from it. The effect is stimulating at first with a steady, gentle comedown.
From seed, the indoor cycle with a photoperiod of 12/12 or 14/10 is 8-9 weeks for optimal ripening.
Outdoor flowering cycle: 3 months. Planting in early spring recommended.

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