Indica Diamond Collection Feminized World of Seeds

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Indica Diamond Collection Feminized World of Seeds

8 x Feminized Seeds ( See below for available pack sizes )

Seed Breeder : World of Seeds
Genetic Origin : Mainly indica
Pack sizes : Available in packs of 8 Feminized seeds
Available Seed Types : 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering / Harvest time : Varied
Height : Varied
THC / CBD / CBN : Varied

More strain info : The Indica Diamond Collection from World of Seeds comprises of 8 feminized cannabis seeds - 4 of the best indica marijuana varieties from the Diamond Collection

Indica Diamond Collection Feminized World of Seeds

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  • Indica Diamond Collection Feminized World of Seeds

Indica Diamond Collection Feminized World of Seeds

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Indica Diamond Collection Feminized World of Seeds

The Indica Diamond Collection from World of Seeds comprises of 8 feminized cannabis seeds - 4 of the best indica marijuana varieties from the Diamond Collection: -

2 Delirium seeds

-2 Obsession seeds

-2 Stoned Inmaculate seeds

-2 Space seeds

Delirium contains the female Mazar i Sharif seeds and male Black Domina seeds crossed with Jeck Herer. What a unique combination of marijuana seeds! Mazar i Sharif began its conquering march from North Afghanistan where the strain is used to produced well known hashish. It was hard to resist its classic marijuana intense aroma and immobilising narcotic effect. Delirium is easy to grow, enjoys cold conditions, even snow, and turns deep blood red in low temperature. Black Domina seduces it's fans with broad leaves and heavy buds dripping with sticky resin. The fragrance of this cannabis strain is rich spiced fruit mixed with a bite of peppery hash. The effect is pleasantly overpowering. Jack Herer! Named after a world famous hemp activist and author of “Emperor Wears No Clothes” – an informative book on hemp and cannabis. Multiple winner of Cannabis Cups! Jack Herer belongs to a marijuana family with fresh peppery smell with a hint of fruit. Delirium seed combines the high standards of all three marijuana seeds: pleasure to grow, heavy early year harvest, intense peppery aroma with a hint of fruit, delicate Afghan taste and a strong cerebral and giggly edge effect. It contains 90% of indica and 10% of sativa. THC-15-20%. Give Delirium cannabis seeds 8 to 9 weeks indoor or outdoor and it will surprise you with heavy harvest of beautiful buds that become stick with fragrant resin.

Obssesion is a Gilgit Valley (Pakistan) and a stabilized male hybrid of White Rhino, Black Domina and well known marijuana strain Jack Herer. Obsession just can't disappoint you with such ancestors. The highest qualities of the three champions of various cannabis cups have been put together in Obsession feminized seed. An ability to give excellent performance both indoors and outdoors and a deliciously hashy and slightly harsh flavour from White Rhino, high tolerance to irrigation and resistance to diseases from Black Domina, and strongest narcotic effects from Jack Herer are just few characteristics of this cannabis presented by World of Seed industry. Feminized cannabis seeds of World of Seeds are all hand selected and thoroughly tested for high qualities; almost 80% of germination is guaranteed. They produce strong marijuana plants with shiny light green foliage. Being 90% indica, the plants can reach their maximum high (up to 90 cm.) within 8-10 weeks. It's recommended to tip the tops of Obsession during the maturing period. It will prevent them from overgrowing and increase the yield. Indoors harvest lasts 9 weeks with a usual yield as high as 400 gr per plant. When grown outdoors, Obsession from feminized cannabis seeds are ready at the end of September; you can get as much as 400-500 gr per plant. This cannabis strain has an excellent leave to bud ratio - her buds are not overcrowded with the leaves and have enough space and light to fully mature. They are covered with sticky glittery crystals full of THC that looks like they are "rolled in sugar". High percent of THC (15-20%) gives this marijuana great medical value as a part of effective treatments against depressions. The effect is described high stony which comes on hard.

Stoned Inmaculate cannabis seeds are a unique combination of a well known marijuana seed of Chef chaouen and a stabilised hybrid of White Widow and Jack Herer. It contains 75% of indica and 25% of sativa. Chef chaouen cannabis strain has been cultivated in sunny Morocco since unknown times. The cannabis seed is extremely popular on local and international cannabis markets. Chef chaouen was chosen for Stoned Inmaculate for its delicate Moroccan taste and strong narcotic effect. White widow marijuana and cannabis came from Brazil and India – countries where people can appreciate the warm feeling of impending stonies that comes over you after the first puff. You feel it just under your eyes and throughout your body in time. It became a component of Stoned Inmaculate for its serious heavy highness. Jack Herer belongs to a marijuana family with fresh peppery smell with a hint of fruit and is famous for its high cerebral effect. The combination of Chef chaouen, White widow and Jack Herer cannabis strains made the most of each of them and turned into Stoned Inmaculate Hybrid. You need just 8 to 9 weeks to harvest 400-500gr m2 per plant indoor and 400-600gr m2 per plant outdoor with THC up to 20%.

Space After many years of crossbreeding, World of Seeds launches one of polihibrids more appreciated by its breeders. It´s a cross that preserves more noble genetics and highest valued among cannabis connoisseurs due to its high germination precentage, plague resistance, short flowering periods, high THC and CBD contents and exceptional flavour. The genetics of this variety starts with the clones originated from Afghanistan whose genes has contributed excellent crops and short flowering periods. Those females of selected clones have been crossbred with the males of homogeneus genetis of AK47 and Black Domina. It brought in a unique flavour and aroma of powerfull effects. The result of this cross has been grown indoor, domesticating wild genes of landraces and than has been treated with STS technology seeded by Natural Products and Seeds and Life laboratories in Amstardam, giving birth to polihibrid F1, ultrastable, with the genes completely suitable with indoor growth and mid climate, and with its quimiotype unified in flavour and fragrance. Way of cropping Ind/Out, Smell High, Effect Not specified, Resistance to mushrooms High, Growing time Not specified, Resistance to plagues High, Irrigation tolerancy High

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