Sativa Diamond Collection Feminized World of Seeds

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Sativa Diamond Collection Feminized World of Seeds

8 x Feminized Seeds ( See below for available pack sizes )

Seed Breeder : World of Seeds
Genetic Origin : Mainly sativa
Pack sizes : Available in packs of 8 Feminized seeds
Available Seed Types : 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering / Harvest time : Depending on strain
Yield : Depending on strain
Height : Depending on strain
THC / CBD / CBN : Depending on strain

More strain info : The Sativa Diamond Collection by World of Seeds is a pack of 8 feminized cannabis seeds comprising of 4 of their best Diamond Sativa marijuana varieties

Sativa Diamond Collection Feminized World of Seeds

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  • Sativa Diamond Collection Feminized World of Seeds

Sativa Diamond Collection Feminized World of Seeds

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Medical Use Depression

Sativa Diamond Collection Feminized World of Seeds

The Sativa Diamond Collection by World of Seeds is a pack of 8 feminized cannabis seeds comprising of 4 of their best Diamond Sativa marijuana varieties:

-2 High Tension seeds.

-2 Amnesia seeds.

-2 Madness seeds.

-2 Privilege seeds.

High Tension marijuana is Colombian Mangobiche and a stabilized hybrid of Orange Bud, Black Domina and Jack Herer. She just can't disappoint you with such ancestors. The highest qualities of the three champions of various cannabis cups have been put together in High Tension feminized seed. An ability to give excellent performance both indoors and outdoors and a deliciously zesty flavour from Orange Bud, high tolerance to irrigation and resistance to diseases from Black Domina, and strongest narcotic effects from Jack Herer are just few characteristics of this cannabis presented by World of Seed industry. Feminized cannabis seeds of World of Seeds are all hand selected and thoroughly tested for high qualities; almost 80% of germination is guaranteed. They produce strong sativa looking marijuana plants with shiny dark green foliage. Being 70% sativa, the plants can reach their maximum high (1,3 m.) within 8-10 weeks. It's recommended to tip the tops of High Tension during the maturing period. It will prevent them from overgrowing and increase the yield. Indoors harvest lasts 9 weeks with a usual yield as high as 300-500 gr. per plant. When grown outdoors, High Tension from feminized seeds is ready at the end of September; you can get as much as 400-500 gr. per plant. High Tension has an excellent leave to bud ratio - her buds are not overcrowded with the leaves and have enough space and light to fully mature. When completely developed, they get an orange shade in their hair, reminding us about their Columbian citrus blood. They are covered with sticky glittery crystals full of THC that looks like they are "rolled in sugar". High percent of THC (15-20%) gives this marijuana great medical value as a part of effective treatments against depressions. The effect is described high energetic, uplifting and giggly.

Amnesia cannabis seeds are the original haze of Amnesia, Afgan sativa dominant cannabis strain, was famous for its tropical stratospheric high effect. To give Amnesia it's full power, the original haze was back crossed with its Thai ancestors. Amnesia stabilized hybrid contains 70% of sativa and 30% of indica. You need just 150 grams per m2 and 10 to 12 weeks to grow tall green cannabis that produce solid buds that become stick with fragrant resin. Amnesia cannabis seeds are perfect for indoor and outdoor to provide cannabis smokers and growers with fresh varieties of the haze resistant to diseases. Experienced users suggest you’d better keep your ID handy not to forget where you live. THC – 9%. Last but not least – Amnesia won the 2004 Cannabis Cup!

Madness is a unique strain, whose breeders back crossed a feminized seed of so popular Cinderella 99 with a not less known Matanuska tundra. As a result of this breeding experiment, a stable 50% sativa and 50% indica hybrid came to life and is now enchanting us with her highest qualities: Madness is very easy to grow, clone and can handle more nutrients than most marijuana plants. Her effect, described as a nice head buzz and couchlock, "expandable and choking if you inhale too much" is definitely not for working and makes up for lacking strong odour and taste so loved by cannabis smokers. Growing feminized cannabis seeds of Madness marijuana can't be easier. Almost 100% germination is guaranteed with an amazing vegetative growth. It’s recommended to clip the plants back to keep walking space in your room. Flowering takes 8 weeks, after which the trichomes turn from clear to milky. She can be easily left for another week for a better result. Madness feminized cannabis seeds produce healthy and fast growing plants, but do not forget to top, tie and train this plant, because the branches will grow like vines and are very easy to manipulate. Average node spacing, with a medium to dark green colour, with medium size fan leafs. Once on a 12/12 cycle, Madness marijuana is recommended be trained for 12 days longer; on the 27th day or so, she stops her growth for full fledged flowering. Flowering is predictable and easily repeatable in an indoor environment in around 50 days. Another surprise is a Madness trich coverage. This is also the most resinous strain. The buds are compact and firm and each one has numerous budsites. In spite of her petite size, 50 cm, this cannabis strain is a great yielder, she produces as much as 75 dried product per plant. Her feminized seeds happily grow also outdoors with normal resistance to diseases and pets.

Privilege - After many years of crossbreeding, World of Seeds launches one of polihibrids more appreciated by its breeders. It´s a cross that preserves more noble genetics and highest valued among cannabis connoisseurs due to its high germination percentage, plague resistance, short flowering periods, high THC and CBD contents and exceptional flavour. The genetics of this variety starts with the clones originated from Afghanistan whose genes has contributed excellent crops and short flowering periods. Those females of selected clones have been crossbred with the males of homogeneus genetis of Black Domina and Jack Herer. It brought in a unique flavour and aroma of powerfull effects. The result of this cross has been grown indoor, domesticating wild genes of landraces and then has been treated with STS tecnology ceeded by Natural Products and Seeds and Life laboratories in Amsterdam, giving birth to polihibrid F1, ultrastable, with the genes completely suitable with indoor growth and mid climates, and with its quimiotype unified in flavour and fragrance. Harvest Time from 70 to 75 days indoor Way of cropping Ind/Out Resistance to mushrooms Medium Growing time Not specified Resistance to plagues Medium Irrigation tolerancy High Medicinal value Medium

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