Blue Magnum Zambeza Seeds

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Blue Magnum Zambeza Seeds

1 x Feminized Seed ( See below for available pack sizes )

Seed Breeder : Zambeza Seeds
Genetic Origin : Northern Lights x Blueberry x Afghanistan Indica
Pack sizes : Available in packs of 1, 3, 5 & 10 Feminized seeds
Available Seed Types : 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Harvest time : Medium flowering time of 9 weeks
Yield : Medium Yield 
Height : Medium height of 110 - 150cm
THC CBD CBN : Extremely High

More strain info : Stoned effect.

Blue Magnum Zambeza Seeds

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Blue Magnum Zambeza Seeds

Seedbank Zambeza Seeds
Indica/Sativa Indica Dominant Seeds

Zambeza Seeds Blue Magnum- Feminized
Blue Magnum by Zambeza Seeds Working to establish what would later become the "gold standard" of North American strains of cannabis, a group of marijuana growers settled in the picturesque area of Oregon and California highlands. Among the crew was a famous breeder that crossed various cannabis varieties available as early as in the 80s. They went through a number of attempts, including the selection of hundreds, if not thousands of seeds. Their hard and enduring work resulted in the creation of Blueberry - one of the most popular strains that smokers enjoy nowadays.

Drawing from this inexhaustible source of prime genetics, we have been able to develop a feminized seed and bring it to directly you from the California-Oregon region as the Blue Magnum. A feminised cross between Northern Light, Blueberry and Afghanistan Indica, Blue Magnum is mostly Indica, that produces a bonsai-like plants. With its short stacks and hardly any stretching, it could grow to 110-150 cm, though cutting the top is strongly recommended, as it will result in a more bushy shape.

Letting it grow horizontally can increase the yield, as the plant is not going to be sky-high. In order to maximise the crop, it is also advised to extend the vegetative period by one week. Grown indoors, it will average around 35-45 g per plant, though it could easily yield as much as 50 g. Per square meter, using 600 W lighting that would bring approximately 300-500 g.

After 8 weeks of flowering, Blue Magnum is ready for harvest, which will be announced by the sweet, fruity aroma. Given extra few days (totaling 9 weeks), though some of the taste might be gone, it will produce a mightier, stony high. While drying the plant before processing is always recommended, it is especially important in the case of Blue Magnum, in order to preserve its full flavour.

While smoking their crops, successful Blue Magnum growers might actually feel the invigorating taste and sweetness of real fruit juice. Extremely high levels of both THC and CBD result in a strong physically stoned effect that matches its strong flavour.

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