Ice Lady Zambeza Seeds

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Ice Lady Zambeza Seeds

1 x Feminized Seed ( See below for available pack sizes )

Seed Breeder : Zambeza Seeds
Genetic Origin : Afghani x Northern Light x Skunk x Shiva
Pack sizes : Available in packs of 1, 3, 5 & 10 Feminized seeds
Available Seed Types : 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Harvest time : Medium at between 8 - 9 weeks
Yield : Medium Yield 
Height : Short at 50 - 60cm
THC CBD CBN : Average to High CBD

More strain info : Short strain that produces a medium yield of buds that give a physical effect.

Ice Lady Zambeza Seeds

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Ice Lady Zambeza Seeds

Seedbank Zambeza Seeds
Indica/Sativa Indica Dominant Seeds

Zambeza Seeds Ice Lady - Feminized
Ice Lady Feminized by Zambeza Seeds, Ever wondered, what might come off from crossing four killer cannabis strains: Northern Light, Skunk, Shiva and Afghani? That is how the Indica Crystal Extreme was born - a true Ice Lady, head to toe meant to give you pleasure and the highest quality resin. Once the buds were all covered in glittering, frosty crystals, they had no choice but to call it the Ice Lady. Definitely Zambeza Seeds  number one in the line of feminised seeds for hash lovers.

Like her ancestors, their feminised Ice Lady is an Indica dominant plant. Grown indoors it reaches just 50-60 cm height. Despite the modest size, it can return a decent yield. Using common cannabis cultivation techniques such as topping and pinching, it can be made stretch a lot, resulting in a nice bushy plant. You will quickly notice the typical Indica characteristics, such as huge fat leaves. Removing some of those close to the top might allow the lower branches to develop quickly.

At 35-45 g per plant the Ice Lady is not exactly the highest yielding strain. A 600W one square meter box will produce between 350 and 450 g.

Zambeza Seeds feminised Ice Lady flowering period is between 8 and 9 weeks -waiting the extra week significantly increases the resin content and is surely worth waiting. The sheer beauty of watching it flower makes it easier to endure that additional week. With the display of glittering resin particles, it is a pure pleasure to look at - definitely one of the most beautiful cannabis varieties.

The quality of their feminised Ice Lady smoke makes up for what she lacks in terms of yield. Being a clear Indica, its crystal covered buds produce a strong physical effect, leaving you stoned. Average high levels of CBD and THC make it a great selection for those couch lovers, leading to a chillout, relaxed state of mind. Best used in the evenings, before going to bed.

Ice-o-lator, Buddha, Ear wax and many others are no strangers to the Zambeza Seeds feminised Ice Lady. It is clearly the ultimate choice for hash connoisseurs, as the bits and pieces of the plant can be used to produce the highest quality stuff. You  will not find a better choice for making hashish, than this Ice Lady.

  1. very great, keep (kept) an eye on shiva n' (X) N.lights
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    A very nice plant no problems growing', good with clones and also a medium flowerin, yeild is very good and & potency too2 ofcourse.It will have a pleasant weed smell that you-u will love(it's also not too2 overpowering', overwhelming').Taste is great but it's fresh it can creep on you, u forget it some anyway when u get stoned/-high=) ;)The Cbd is probably very present so it's good for4 medicating' too 2;)_.Cannot miss with some Afghani and & Skunk ;) in the mix.Great allaraund, balanced and & soothing' buzz, that will please you-u for4 surE3e,-you-u will not want much, alot,-a lot more when trying' this one1;).It doesn't go, grow too2 tall so it's nice when space limited in height.

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