Sweet Moby Zambeza Seeds

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Sweet Moby Zambeza Seeds

1 x Feminized Seed ( See below for available pack sizes )

Seed Breeder : Zambeza Seeds
Genetic Origin : White Widow x Northern Light x Haze
Pack sizes : Available in packs of 1, 3, 5 & 10 Feminized seeds
Available Seed Types : 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Harvest time : Medium to Long at 9 to 10 weeks
Yield : Extra Large Yield 
Height : Medium hieght at 70 -80cm
THC CBD CBN : 12% - 16% THC

More strain info : The effect is stoned and high.

Sweet Moby Zambeza Seeds

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Sweet Moby Zambeza Seeds

Seedbank Zambeza Seeds
Indica/Sativa Sativa Dominant Seeds

Zambeza Seeds Sweet Moby - Feminized
Sweet Moby - Feminized by Zambeza Seeds, New varieties of cannabis since the first skunks were developed, are always made using different Sativa and Indica hybrids. Though most often both are used, there is always a dominant trait that causes the particular strain to display characteristics of either Sativa or Indica. A group of Spanish growers did just that and achieved a hybrid of Sativa and Indica that kept all the psychoactive properties of a pure Sativa. Due to its monster size, it earned a well deserved name of Moby Dick.

Zambeza Seeds feminised Sweet Moby from the Netherlands is a close relative of its Spanish namesake. By achieving maturity, this Sativa dominant plant will grow so strong and big that you might need a ladder to take care of it if grown outdoors - in full sun it could grow more than 3 m high. Indoors you can expect 70-80 cm, with a typical sativa stretch that produce numerous elastic branches with buds popping out all over them.

With Sweet Moby's impressive size comes equally satisfactory yields. One square meter indoor setup with a 600 W light could yield 600 g, with approximately 45-65 g per plant. If you are lucky with the weather, the outdoor giant can yield as much as the unbelievable one kilo apiece. Both in the indoor and outdoor cultivation, proper maintenance is necessary - stretching widely requires enough appropriate nutrition, watering and care.

Almost the only thing that is left from its Indica parent is the relatively short flowering period - at just 9-10 weeks it is a treat for commercial growers that value time as much as a good smoke. Though a little more requiring and slower than some Indica dominant plants, it rewards patience with better smoke and incredible yields.

This cross of the three all time classics - White Widow, Northern Light and Haze - guarantees a strong psychedelic high. The smoke has average concentration of THC and CBD and it will keep you stoned.

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