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Guarateed cannabis seeds


Here at the Original Sensible Seed Co, we want to keep things simple.

So, we send all orders in plain white or brown padded envelopes or boxes. We offer shipping to all countries Worldwide.

We charge the absolute minimum amount possible whilst ensuring that your items arrive safely and quickly.

**Please make sure that you read through the shipping options and choose the correct option during the checkout process. 


Delivery to Countries within Europe :

Our efficient and cost effective shipping methods. Please note that our standard delivery options do not include our guarantee.


Standard Stealth ( no Tracking )     We recommend this option FREE
Standard Stealth with Tracking       
5.50 Euros
Guaranteed Delivery 20.00 Euros
Delivery to Countries outside Europe

Standard Stealth ( no Tracking )     We recommend this option
5.75 Euros
Stealth (plain packaging) + Tracking 8.50 Euros

We also offer Guaranteed Shipping to Canada

Shipping Terms

We highly recommend standard shipping without tracking as this is truly the "stealthiest" and often fastest way to send your order. 

The Original Sensible team takes unparalleled care when it comes to packaging and shipping our orders. We will take extra measures to ensure that your order is shipped as discreetly as possible. When packaging the seeds, we will remove any metal containers (some seeds are supplied by the breeders in small metal tins) as well as any bulky packaging e.g. vials, plastic bubbles etc. that we deem unnecessary. ** All orders shipped to Countries outside of Europe, will be subject to the above packaging measures to ensure safe delivery

We take every precaution to ensure the integrity and security of our seeds whilst in transit through the postal systems.

Standard Delivery

In the unlikely event that you have not received your order within 28 business days (Europe) & 36 business days (Rest of World), then please contact us using our ticketing system and include your name and order number. We will then investigate to try and track down your order within your countries postal system and will advise you accordingly. There are limitations to this process and once we have exhausted the options available to us as a "shipper", it is understood that it is your responsibility to secure the delivery via your National Postal service.

1) We cannot be held responsible if you have entered an incorrect name or delivery address during the ordering process. It is your responsibility to ensure that you provide us with your correct shipment details at the time of ordering, so please double check all information before completing the order. Once orders are shipped we cannot change this information.
2) In cases where incorrect delivery information causes a problem with delivery, or where the post office requires you to collect the order from your local post office after a delivery attempt ( a note will be left ), it is your responsibility to arrange re-delivery or collection.  

If however, you live in a country wherein you cannot be sure of your mails security, then we would recommend you select a tracking shipping option.




Tracking means that the letter or parcel is allocated a tracking number when dispatched. This reference number enables you to track the delivery from our door to yours.

You can use this site  Mail Tracking to track your order, just enter the tracking number, it will show you the status with our courier, and then choose your country from the list to track using your national postal service.You will receive an automated shipping email once your order has been dispatched. If you have selected tracking, this number will be provided once your order has been dispatched

Europe - Guaranteed Delivery 

When you select a Guaranteed Delivery option your order is shipped with a tracking number.The Guaranteed Delivery option ensures that if your order is undelivered then we will reship your order to the original shipping address provided during the ordering process.

Guaranteed orders are reminded to please allow 28 business days before contacting us to say your order is lost.  We will then investigate with the postal services. After we have exhausted our investigations if your order is deemed lost we will reship to the original address provided at the time of ordering.

The Original Sensible team takes unparalleled care when it comes to packaging and shipping our orders.

We take every precaution to ensure the integrity and security of our seeds whilst in transit through the postal systems. Any damage caused to your product(s) as a result of the way it was handled by a third party, although regrettable, is not our responsibility. However, if you have chosen one of the guaranteed shipping options then please contact us using the ticketing system here: Original Sensible Support


If you have special requirements for your delivery, please contact us Original Sensible Support

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